i would be more into 50 shades of grey if it were actually about

  • the history of black and white film
  • trying to find the perfect lampshade for your monochromatic living room
  • a very elaborate knitting project
  • a guy named grey with 50 pairs of sunglasses

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Aubrey Plaza - ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Premiere at The Dolby Theater in Hollywood - July 21, 2014

x44 HQ: http://celebspix.ru/FKVdV

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have you ever seen the documentary (A)sexual? If so, did you think it was accurate?

I’m just going to go on a little critic about it cause I have a lot to say but I just finished watching it cause you sent this - I thought it was really critical that they hit a lot of different areas of the vast conversations surrounding asexuality like masturbation, romantic attraction, having vs not having sex, the aspergers discussion was briefly brought up & adding snip its of the criticisms, disgust & negativity towards it as a whole from real people which showed the reality of ignorance/the lack of acceptance when presented the idea of it as a whole

I thought it was accurate for the most part except it focused a lot on people who implied &/or directly stated that they dont have sex because they’re asexual which gives off the idea that asexuals don’t have sex & that being asexual correlates to not having sex which is an idea that should disappear. personally I think that Barb’s story differentiates the most from the rest of the stories bc she states shes had sex 50-60 times with like 25/30 people? hers was the only one that didn’t say she didn’t like sex bc she was asexual or that her being asexual was the cause of her not having sex 

the documentary also didn’t show asexuals that were diverse it was all white/white passing intrinsic semi socially awkward individuals except for a handful of people that were outgoing & only one person that was black so theres a problem there in itself

it was a good at introducing a lot of ideas to be talked about but asexuality as a movement has a way to go & the documentary shows that



im going to get strong muscles so i can carry the animals out of sea world and put them back in the ocean

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You're beautiful. Please sit on my face.

this was nice and then it wasn’t



*has actually been danzigs sister this whole time* but check out this lipstick

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